2014 - "My Mentor Was Me"
Scholarship Video Challenge
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2013 - Judges' Pick
Originality ---- 30%

Creativity ---- 30%

Quality of Reflection ---- 30%

# of likes ---- 10%

$1,000.00 - Winner: Jennifer Tu (Sophomore - Harvard University)
Composite Score - 94%
Mentor - Mrs. Shearon Horton
Video Title - A Rock in the Storms
3 Honorable Mentions - Special Categories

"Most Liked"

Tina Chen
"Most Determined"

Demetrius Johnson
"Theme Song"

$100.00 Amazon Gift Card Recipients
CThe Board & Executive Team extends a warm thanks and much gratitude to each participant of the
2013 - My Mentor Was Me Scholarship Video Challenge. We received an overwhelming number of outstanding video submissions this year and we are pleased by the honorable tributes each contestant has made to the extraordinary mentor(s) in their lives whom have helped to crystalize the significance of mentor-mentee relationships.